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  • Mayor Park Won Soon Voluntarily Signs up for 3•3 (weight loss of 3kg in three months) Health Project

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    Residents in Seoul appear to be faring most poorly in terms of forming a daily exercise habit among those in the 17 metropolises and provinces. As such, Seoul City has started the daily exercise campaign for local residents.

    Mayor Park Won Soon was the first one to sign up for the 3•3 (weight loss of 3kg in three months) Health Project.

    Citing as people with weak mind those whose resolution to lose weight lasts only three days, Mayor Park admitted being one of them. He said he would like to show that he can also do it for health.

    As one who has stressed the importance of preventive administration, Mayor Park noted that pushing ahead with a daily exercise program does not cost lots of money. “Spending on daily exercise only 5% of what you usually spend for medical expenses will make you healthy. We at Seoul City will make lots of walking paths and hiking trails as well as workout facilities within the city. We will encourage Seoulites to gather at the Seoul square and dance together as a way to improve their health, just as the Chinese gather together early in the morning to do the Taijiquan Martial Art. I heard dancing also helps prevent diseases,” he said.