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  • Mayor Park Won Soon to Visit 3 Chinese Cities with to Attract Tourists

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    From August 2 to 6, Seoul Mayor Park Won Soon will visit the three major cities in China—Beijing, China’s administrative capital; Shanghai, the economic capital; and Guangzhou, the source of most Chinese tourists to Korea. As the head of the Tourism Measure Headquarters, Mayor Park will visit these cities in an effort to attract Chinese tourists who are still hesitant to come to Seoul over worries of the recent MERS situation which was officially declared to be over days ago.

    Mayor Park Won Soon will be accompanied by Fei and Jia from Miss A and Kangta, one of the original Hallyu stars, to promote tourism in Seoul by holding a variety of performances and tourism marketing events. Furthermore, Mayor Park will personally visit four key travel agencies—Shanghai Jingjiang International Travel Co., Ltd., Ctrip, China Travel Service (CTS), and China International Travel Service (CITS)—that are influential in attracting Chinese tourists to Seoul and meet with key figures to deliver the message, “You don’t need to worry about MERS. It is safe to visit Seoul.”

    Since the Seoul Metropolitan Government and Jejudo Island, in particular, are both worried about the stagnation of the tourism market due to MERS, Mayor Park Won Soon and Jeju Governor Won Hee-Ryong will visit Shanghai together and promote tourism to Korea, aiming to revive their local economies.

    During his visit, Mayor Park Won Soon will meet with Mayor Wang Anshun and thank him for dispatching a special delegation of 12 people to Seoul as well as for his cooperation in the promotion and marketing of tourism in Seoul. In addition, the Mayor will sign an investment MOU with isoftStone, an up-and-coming IT service company in China, and meet with President Peng Chun of the Bank of Communications, one of the five major banks in China, to discuss ways to foster Seoul as an economic center.

    “Since the MERS outbreak, the number of tourists to Seoul has been halved,” remarked Mayor Park Won Soon. “Until tourism in Seoul recovers, I will continue to serve as the head of the Tourism Measure Headquarters.” He concluded by adding, “I will do my best to inform potential Chinese tourists of the variety of tourism products available in Seoul between September and November, such as the 1+1 big sale, the massive Hallyu concert, and the kimchi festival, which will help reinvigorate the stagnant tourism market and revive Seoul’s economy.”