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  • Mayor Park Won Soon searches for solutions to ‘inequality’ with Nobel prize winner professor Stiglitz

  • SMG 1783

    – 6th (Tue) <local time> Luncheon held with professor Joseph Stiglitz, winner of Nobel prize in economics, in New York city
    – Seek advice for debates and policies at local government level on urban solutions for increasing polarization, inequality
    – Seek cooperation with founder and CEO of online media Huffington Post and first Pulitzer Prize winner for an

    □ 6th (Tue), at 12:30 PM <local time> Mayor Park Won Soon has met with Professor Joseph Stiglitz, world scholar who is a Nobel prize winner for his theory of information asymmetry and a professor in Colombia university to discuss on the severity of ‘inequality’ in today’s society divided in income, education, region and politics.

    □ They have discussed the role of a city governments and Mayor Park has asked for advice from Professor Stiglitz on what could be applicable to Seoul among his theories from his books.
    ○ Professor Stiglitz in his recent book <The Price of Inequality> and <The choice> has defined the market as an apparatus that produces inequality and emphasizes that governments should ease this inequality in economic, industrial, social aspects.

    □ Seoul Metropolitan Government with all its ability and power will focus on abolishing the gap caused by inequality, imbalance and injustice. As an effort, Seoul Metropolitan Government has declared ‘Economic Democracy Seoul’ in February this year for even distribution of wealth and with 16 action plans such as ‘Gentrification total plan’, ‘Fair trade franchise certification’ will work towards this goal.

    □ Mayor Park Won Soon has commented, “Eliminating the gaps in our society is essential in providing hope to those who are hard-working and also this is a world-wide problem that we are faced with. I will seek advice on theoretical and practical advice of Seoul Metropolitan’s policies and further engage in such exchanges to come up with policies that help reduce the gap in our society.”

    □ Earlier that day, at 10 am <local time>, Mayor Park Won Soon had met with Arianna Huffington, Ex-editor-in-chief and founder who has made Huffington Post a main internet journalism media, to discuss on the know-how of innovative growth of organizations, expanding the roles of media by diversification and the American trend of civil participation in media etc.

    □ Mayor Park Won Soon with more than 2 million followers in his Social Network Service (SNS), first as a local politician, is actively communicating with citizens.

    □ They discussed the need for rest to re-charge and ideas on how to better the culture of organizations and also on the subject the publications of blogs which is the success strategy of Huffington Post.

    □ The meeting took place is SoHo New York, at Arianna’s residence and Jared Grusd, the CEO of Huffington Post had join them.