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  • Mayor Park Won Soon Receives Top Prize at “Manifesto Promise Awards”

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    On October 1, Mayor Park Won Soon received the top prize in the “Campaign Pledge” category at the awards ceremony for the 2014 Manifesto Promise Awards, which was held at the International Conference Hall of the Seoul Global Center.

    The “Manifesto Promise Awards,” held every four years, is hosted by the Korea Manifesto Center to discover and spread exemplary campaign pledges of all kinds. This was the second time the awards ceremony has been held. The Korea Manifesto Center is a civic organization that evaluates campaign pledges and information disclosure, provides information on pledges to voters, and establishes manifesto networks.

    The center evaluated all of the collected pledges, campaign pledge pamphlets, and pledge reports proposed by candidates for the head of regional governments, local governments, and superintendents of education in the recent June 4 regional election. The winners were selected through an evaluation of the pledges in a total of 22 areas in three categories: Creativity (10 points), Content (20 points), and Format (20 points).

    “Mayor Park Won Soon has a deep understanding of the local issues and suggests policy responses to deal with these issues,” explained an official from the Korea Manifesto Center regarding the reason Mayor Park received the top prize. The official continued by saying, “All of his pledges are systematically organized based on his vision of transforming Seoul into a ‘people-centered’ city where the lives and safety of the citizens are the highest priority. In particular, he was the only mayoral candidate of a metropolitan city to state the final goals, timelines, expected budget, procurement, and implementation procedures in his campaign pledges.”

    Mayor Park Won Soon announced his vision for Seoul in the sixth term of the popularly-elected mayor (2014-2018) as “People-centered Seoul, Citizen-happy Seoul”. He proposed 60 policy pledges (153 pledge projects) to make Seoul a “safe city, hospitable city, dreaming city, and breathing city,” 101 proposals (101 innovative pledges) to make small changes in the lives of Seoul citizens, and 12 citizen-proposed pledges that were selected through a competition in which the citizens of Seoul submitted their own pledge ideas. Through the Manifesto Awards, Mayor Park’s campaign pledges were recognized for their excellence.

    In relation to this, the Seoul Metropolitan Government outlines the pledges proposed for the sixth term of the elected mayor of Seoul and announced the “Four Year Plan for Seoul,” which details the administrative direction and key policies for the term.

    < Discussion on Citizen-Proposed Pledge Implementation Plan >

    In the fifth term of the popularly-elected mayor of Seoul, the Seoul Metropolitan Government also received the top award from the Good Law for pledge implementation, and received an A rating in the pledge implementation evaluation conducted by the Korea Manifesto Center.

    Mayor Park commented that his “pledges were highly evaluated because they were made with the citizens of Seoul,” and he vowed to work hard to realize all of the pledges he made to the citizens regarding the creation of a “People-centered Seoul, Citizen-happy Seoul”.