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  • Mayor Park Promotes Seoul to Opinion Leaders in Singapore

  • International Relations News SMG 3218

    Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon visited Singapore, a major tourism market in South-East Asia and one of the main
    ASEAN members,in an effort to promote Seoul targeting opinion leaders from various fields. The event featured participation from roughly 300 opinion leaders, including the representatives of global corporations in Singapore, culture, arts, tourism, and others. Mayor Park Won-soon gave a 10-minute presentation in English promoting Seoul as an ideal city for tourism and investment.

    Mayor Park Won-soon identified people, history, and nature as the three treasures of Seoul, and presented hallyu (Korean wave), nature, history, people, and the investment environment as the five tourism and investment features of Seoul. In addition, an investment promotion center for the Magok District, Changdong Sanggye, and Sangam DMC was operated onsite, and promotion activities were carried out targeting business leaders and representatives of global corporations in Singapore.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) plans to expand the investment interest in Seoul to Singapore as well as to neighboring South-East Asian countries through this event. On the day of the event, the SMG signed its first MOC with the Singapore Tourism Board (STB).
    According to the agreement, the two cities will make all efforts to revitalize the tourism industry of both cities by ▲sharing regular tourism exchange ideas and related policies, ▲supporting mutual tourism marketing, ▲participating in travel mart and exhibitions as well as tourism festivals, and other tourism-related programs.