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  • Mayor Park Won Soon introduced by NHK as ‘4 world’s innovative mayors’

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    – “‘Open minded, sharing and innovation through sharing,’ urban policies has become his own philosophy introducing the mayor as the idea man”
    – ‘Light speed administrative response’ through submission of citizens’ complaints by SNS’, ‘One Less Nuclear Power Plant’ etc., and other environmental policies were mentioned
    – NHK analyses that “By having innovative mayors, it reflects the diversity in social structures hence expected to close the gap in society in general.

    □ Mayor Park Won Soon has been introduced as one of the 4 ‘world’s individualistic mayors’ by NHK-BS which is a subsidiary channel of Japanese national TV NHK

    □ On a news commentary program ‘Catch! World Eye’ last month 16th alongside mayors Sadik Khan mayor of London, Anne Hidalgo, mayor of Paris, Bill de Blasio, mayor of New York, mayor Park Won Soon has been mentioned as a city mayor that has taken an active part to solve urban problems including environmental problems that the world cities are facing today.
    ○ ‘Catch! World Eye’ is a news commentary program where NHK commentator provides easy explanation and analysis of local and international news and discuss on the implications, background and the future tasks.

    □ NHK introduces Mayor Park as “‘Open minded, sharing and innovation through sharing,’ the idea man”.

    □ Especially, the ‘light speed administrative response’ through submission of citizens’ complaints by SNS was talked about. On the program there were actual cases such as citizens’ complaints of ‘side walk has been damaged’, ‘The garbage smells’ through SNS and how the city has responded promptly and reactions of citizens thereafter, was introduced.
    ○ Mayor Park Won Soon actually has 1 million followers on his tweeter accounting and 1.5 million SNS followers in total including his tweeter followers. Since last April, he has started a SNS live broadcast called “#Mr. Woon Soon’s X file” introducing city policies of Seoul and listening to the voice of citizens real time.

    □ “One Less Nuclear Power Plant”, an environmental policy brought on by the Fukushima disaster and “One hour 22” campaign where in the evening of the 22nd of every month, the street lights will go off for an hour was mentioned as a part of the mayor’s effort on providing solutions to environmental problems of the city.

    □ Besides Mayor Park, 3 other mayors were mentioned with their key policies ▼ Mayor of London, Sadik Khan, with a Pakistani immigrant background has made efforts on providing affordable housing and freezing the public transportation fare ▼ Mayor of Paris, Anne Idalgo, Spanish descendant and first female mayor of Paris has made environmental efforts on regulating cars exhaust gas and diesel fueled cars etc.,▼ Mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio made efforts on providing affordable housing to the lower income group, providing maintenance for child care facilities, a halt to racial discrimination

    □ According to this program “By having individualistic mayors, it reflects the diversity in social structures hence expected to close the gap in society in general.”

    □ The practices of innovation of Seoul has been introduced by main international media, America’s economic paper such as and .
    ○ Last June, in an article ‘Berlin to Bogotá, visionary mayors are transforming people’s lives’ wrote about most innovative cities such as New York, Paris, Berlin and Seoul and focused on the facts that Seoul has the fastest internet and citizen’s participation through social media, sharing economy and welfare.
    ○ This March, at ‘Place Marketing Forum’ held by ‘Regional Attractiveness and Place Marketing Chair’ consisting of 21 French local governments, council and local committees, Seoul’s sharing policy has been selected and awarded the ‘innovative urban policies by collaboration of public and private sector’.

    □ In the acknowledgement of dedication of his leading participation of ‘Sharing city’, Sweden has awarded mayor Park Won Soon with ‘The Gothenburg award for sustainable development’ and the mayor will be attending the award ceremony in November this year to receive this award.
    ○ The Gothenburg award for sustainable development is the city’s international prize that recognizes and supports work towards sustainable development. The committee of The Gothenburg award for sustainable development consists of Swedish local governments such as Sweden Gothenburg, Vasttra Götaland and 10 cooperation associations. They have awarded those individuals that has dedicated to support and work towards sustainable development the ‘The Gothenburg award for sustainable development’ since year 2000.
    ○ Seoul Mayor would be the first to receive this award as a Korean and second in Asia. Especially while most awardees up to date were awarded jointly or was awarded as an organization or association, mayor Park Won Soon will be the 5th awardee as an individual.

    □ Mayor Park Won Soon says, ‘We are facing issues of diversity, low birth rate and an aging population, environment, terrorism, immigration etc., and have been running a governance desk where 10 million citizens are able to participate in urban solutions of Seoul. In an aspect of participation, SNS is also a useful tool to reach out to those that the governments are not able to reach to identifying their problems and a tool of finding answers together along with the citizens. With this objective, I will keep utilizing the SNS as a tool to converse with citizens of Seoul.’

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