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  • Mayor Park Won Soon Holds Online Q&A with Young Chinese Netizens about Tourism in Seoul

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    Following his visits to Guangzhou and Beijing to revitalize the stagnated tourism industry in Seoul in the aftermath of the city’s MERS epidemic, Seoul Mayor Park Won Soon went to Beijing to meet with Beijing Mayor Wang Anshun on August 4, 2015. While there, Mayor Park promoted tourism in Seoul in various ways, including a real-time Q&A session with Chinese netizens on “Renminwang,” an online Chinese news portal with an average of 200 million visitors daily.

    During his meeting with Mayor Wang, Mayor Park thanked him for actively supporting Seoul by sending both a private and a public delegation to Seoul prior to the Mayor’s visit to China. Afterwards, Mayor Park visited CTS (China Travel Service), a major travel agency in China, accompanied by a private delegation of people working in the Korean tourism industry, and personally promoted tourism in Seoul through sales call marketing.

    In the afternoon, Mayor Park met with President Yang Zhenwu of People’s Daily, an official newspaper of the Chinese government, at the newspaper’s head office, and requested his support and that of the People’s Daily and Renminwang to spread the word that Seoul is now MERS-free. In addition, Mayor Park held an online, real-time Q&A session with Chinese netizens on Qiangguo luntan, an online message board on Renminwang.