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  • Mayor Park Won Soon Goes on “Employment Trail” for One Month

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    Mayor Park Won Soon has embarked on an “employment trail” for a period of about one month, during which time he will visit 99 workplaces in person. The purpose of these visits is to establish a future employment strategy through systematic policy support for industrial growth. To that end, Mayor Park will meet with citizens at their workplaces, listen to the challenges they face in their work, and work together with the companies to find ways to create jobs.

    Seoul Metropolitan Government will be operating the “Seoul Employment Trail” from October 7 to 31, 2015, in an effort to create satisfying and stable work environments for citizens. Seoul City is offering its full support to citizens concerning employment issues, as employment forms the foundation of people’s livelihoods and is a major part of the city’s welfare policy. Even though employment is a basic human right, many Seoul citizens are finding it very difficult to find jobs. Therefore, the city government organized the Seoul Employment Trail so that it may take the lead in addressing this issue and ease citizens’ hardship.

    Led by Mayor Park himself and supported by relevant policy divisions, the Seoul Employment Trail will have the Mayor Park visit workplaces to hear citizens’ concerns, work together with companies and industries to find ways to address employment issues and create a stable job-creation ecosystem, and ensure that more focus is put on job quality.

    While touring workplaces, the Mayor will attend in-depth meetings with job-seeking citizens, company employees, and others and engage in consultations with relevant policy divisions in an effort to identify feasible alternatives and accelerate the resolution of pressing employment issues.

    Mayor Park Won Soon said, “I will go to where the citizens live and work so that I may lead the development of a new employment ecosystem and work directly with citizens, companies, and youths to create jobs.” He went on to add, “The top priority of Seoul Metropolitan Government is to create jobs for citizens. Therefore, Seoul City will become a ‘Special Employment District,’ ensuring that no one is marginalized and that everyone who wishes to work can work. In this way, we hope that citizens can make their dreams come true and enjoy a better tomorrow.”