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  • Mayor Park Won Soon Efficiently Manages Schedules by ‘Theme and Day of the Week’

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    Seoul Mayor Park Won Soon introduced and announced to the public a new “smart type schedule management system” designed to enable him to efficiently manage his busy schedule within the limited available time on January 31.

    Mayor Park plans to efficiently manage his schedule, which is preplanned down to the last minute, without wasting just like implementing the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s budget in this era of time management tech.

    Judging that he needs to manage his schedule more efficiently in light of the timetable he has followed over the 100 days since his inauguration, Park is introducing the so-called “schedule management by theme and day of the week,” which will allow him to increase the intensity and focus of his work by bundling duties of a similar nature together on a particular day of each week.

    The new system of schedule management by theme and day of the week will also enable citizens to find out what he is doing on any particular day of the week.

    Mayor Park’s work diary shows that he is scheduled to carry out routine mayoral duties on Mondays and Thursdays. Thus one can envision a situation wherein Mayor Park is briefed about various pending issues and holds talks with professionals in the respective fields on these days.

    Members of the public can meet the mayor at field sites on Tuesdays. Placing “site visits” and “communication” at the core of his city administration philosophy, Mayor Park plans to meet with citizens mainly through “hearing tours” composed of onsite visits and hearing and planning workshops.

    Wednesdays are designated as “Won Day” or “Won Soon’s Day,” or the day of the week when he can conduct his activities as he pleases. Each Wednesday, Mayor Park will set his schedule himself. He will set his schedule according to various activities such as meeting with people he needs to implement city administration, inspecting sites, holding discussions, and mulling over ideas and plans for the city administration.

    Fridays are designated as days of “thinking and discussion,” when he will think deeply and discuss issues extensively. In other words, he will hold in-depth discussions and engage in dialogue with the chiefs of the City Government’s various divisions and experts in the City’s core policies, including welfare, jobs, and city planning.

    With the mayor’s introduction of “schedule management by theme and day of the week”, the Seoul Metropolitan Government can now expect enhanced predictability of work, make prompt and timely decisions, and coordinate, manage in advance, and concentrate on pending issues by theme. This has been made possible thanks to some serious thinking about a new method of managing the mayor’s tight schedule, enabling him to manage his time more efficiently.