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  • Mayor Park Won Soon declares ‘Solution to world’s economic crisis is social economy’ at Global Social Economy Forum (GSEF) assembly

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    – On 7th to 9th in Montreal Canada…Speaking as president city leader he emphasized that cities should stand together
    – 2013 adopted ‘Seoul Declaration’ 2014 Seoul leads the opening of GSEF  2016 Montreal Assembly
    – Sharing session on Social economy of different cities from Montreal, Mondragon, Bamako and Japan

    □ Mayor Park Won Soon declares ‘Solution to world’s economic crisis is social economy’ at Global
    Social Economy Forum (GSEF) assembly on 7th to 9th speaking as president city leader in Montreal

    □ GSEF is international social economy platform of a group of world city mayors, international organization leaders and social economy leaders discussing on revitalizing the local economy. It was founded in 2014 by Seoul.

    □ Last Autumn, in 2013, 8 cities such as Seoul, Bologna, Quebec and Tokyo etc., and 9 social economy organizations have adopted the ‘Seoul Declaration’ and in 2014, 13 countries, 19 cities, 44 organizations and 3 international organizations have gathered and founded GSEF in Seoul. This is the second GSEF assembly and 2,000 over local government officials, city leaders and social economy activist etc., have participated on the subject of ‘Innovative, sustainable urban development-collaboration of local governments and social economy organizations’.

    □ Mayor Park said, “Efforts should be made to get over the current world economic crisis through a new paradigm of social economy.” And he added, “Social economy should be a paradigm not governed by the market or government but by civil participation and it is a movement based on collaboration, cooperation, unity, equality and also motivated by altruism, reciprocation, honor and dedication.”

    □ In the first session, 20 of representatives of participating cities have presented on opinions of social economy and also the achievements of jobs created with quality and quantity in the past 4 years.
    ○ Seoul Metropolitan Government has strategized to interlink with local communities to revive the local economy. As of 2015, 3,089 social economy enterprises are creating revenue of 1.4 trillion KRW yearly (820 million KRW per enterprise), 15 thousand jobs (9.2 jobs per enterprise)

    □ At 13 pm <local time>, Mayor Park Won Soon has held an official press conference with Denis Coderre, Mayor of Montreal, Jean-Martin Aussant who is the Executive director of the Chantier de l’économie sociale and emphasized on the values and importance of social economy and took questions from the press.

    □ Mayor Park also held meetings with examples and practices of active social economy cities such as Montreal, Canada, Mondragon, Spain, Bamako, Mali and Japan.

    □ Mayor Park Won Soon said, “GSEF assembly is for all the local government bodies and civil organizations to look back upon and share the ideas of the ‘Seoul Declaration’ to find solutions after the global financial crisis in social economy. As a president city mayor of GSEF, I will utilize GSEF as a key hub for sustainable urban development with the foundation of social economy.”