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  • Mayor Park Won-soon Attends 2018 WCS Mayors Forum

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    Mayor Park Won-soon Attends 2018 WCS Mayors Forum

    On July 8, Sunday, Mayor Park Won-soon was in attendance at the 2018 World Cities Summit (WCS) held in Singapore among mayors and delegates from as many as 120 cities from around the world, under the theme of ‘Liveable & Sustainable Cities: Embracing the Future through Innovation and Collaboration.’

    The World Cities Summit invites mayors from major cities all over the world, as well as key figures from political, financial and academic spheres, to collectively share in an innovative blueprint that enables the restoration of a liveable and sustainable city infrastructure. This biennial summit also serves as a platform to promote new, collaborative partnerships.

    Mayor Park first set foot out to attend the ‘Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize.’ Recipient Forum at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Center. The Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize is an award given out once every two years that recognizes cities that have made outstanding contributions in the creation of a liveable and sustainable city infrastructure. The prize itself maintains international recognition from across the globe, earning it the nickname, the Nobel Prize of City Administration.

    Mayor Park had the opportunity to present the design for urban development to previously awarded city representatives amid preparations currently underway in the areas of Yeouido, Yongsan and other locations within Seoul, befitting of both global economic and cultural standards. He went on to provide an introduction of efforts being made to bolster public participation in metropolitan government activities while sharing in the core policies that operate as the driving force behind public participation, including the 2030 Seoul Master Plan, One Less Nuclear Power Plant Initiative, Public Participatory Budget System, etc.

    Following the discussion, attendees visited the Seoul Promotional Booth opened at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Center for yet another introduction to the diverse attractions Seoul has to offer.

    Mayor Park Won-soon Attends 2018 WCS Mayors Forum

    The booth introduced some of Seoul’s more prominent policies, including Seoullo 7017, and the Digital Civic Mayor’s Office, as the back wall and also provided screenings of promotional videos featuring globally-renowned photographer, Steve McCurry, and the popular K-pop boy band and Seoul promotional ambassador, BTS. In addition, artist Shin Eun-mi performed a live ink wash painting of the Seoullo 7017, harmoniously in sync with a Korean classical music instrumental that offered a peek into the alluring fusion of modern-day life and tradition in the city of Seoul.

    Mayor Park Won-soon Attends 2018 WCS Mayors Forum

    Mayor Park then made his way to the WCS Mayors Forum where he joined in the opening ceremony and roundtable discussion with other attendees to hold an in-depth deliberation on the underlying theme of the forum.

    Mayor Park Won-soon Attends 2018 WCS Mayors Forum