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  • Mayor Park Won Soon and Anchorman Choi Il-gu in a Special TV Program on Park’s 100th Day in Office

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    Seoul Mayor Park Won Soon and MBC anchorman Choi Il-gu hosted a special TV program titled ‘Won Soon and Il-gu Talk About Seoul’ to celebrate the mayor’s 100th day in office at the Sonbadak TV Studio on January 30th for 120 minutes from 6:00pm .

    Opened on December 2 last year, Sonbadak TV is a real live social TV channel specifically designed for smartphones that the TV audience produced and participated in. Within just one month of its opening, a total of 350,000 people had downloaded the app.

    The program, consisting of two parts, included a video interview with citizens and Park Won Soon as he celebrated his 100th day in office. Some of Park Won Soon’s close friends even made a surprise visit to the studio.

    In particular, between the first and second segments of the program, Mayor Park Won Soon could be seen dancing the official health dance of Seoul with a guerilla flash mob on- and offline.

    In the project to make all Seoul citizens healthier, the Mayor danced the health dance in the studio, and the flash mob copied his moves through the relay system. In turn, the audience was invited to dance after the mob.

    The show was broadcast by a total of nine media channels including the Mayor Office Website, Seoul Internet TV, Sonbadak TV Channel (PC, Mobile), Daum TV Pod, EveryOnTV, Pandora TV, Olleh OnAir (PC, Mobile) Afreeca TV(PC, Mobile), and Jjang Live.