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Mayor's Hope Journal

  • A story from the Seoul Mayor’s on-site office in Gangseo-gu
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal No. 114]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1392

    You can see 7 photos of my stay in the Seoul Mayor’s on-site office in Gangseo-gu for two days and one night.
    ( http://j.mp/ZFR8xP )

    Seoul City’s plan for the urban development of Magok includes turning Jungang Park into a first-rate botanical garden and reducing dust particles and noise in the areas near Banghwa Bridge. I hope we will be able to come up with good ideas based on the result of the survey conducted on a service contract basis. Seoul City will address difficult and complicated problems one after the other, including the earlier opening of Banghwa-ro and connection of the Gwangmyeong-Munsan Highway to the Chihyeon Tunnel.

    For others, we will have to find a way that will make everybody satisfied by finding a site that will replace the current bus depot in Banghwa-dong and providing a space that can be used as children’s library and facility for senior citizens’ cultural activities. There are still many other concerns.

    I would like to thank those in Gangseo-gu for the warm welcome, including the employees in the Gangseo-gu District Office. Please remember that I am always at your service.