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  • What is the One Roof, All Generations Project?
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 93]

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    [One Roof All Generations poster image]

    I have long been interested in innovating society. I was involved in an international social innovation project with Geoff Mulgan, Director of the British Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit, and CEO of the Young Foundation. Some of you may know that I founded the Social Innovation Development and Management Office. Declaring Seoul a “Sharing City” and carrying out policies accordingly are in keeping with such activities.

    Securing homes for senior citizens and college students, the One Roof, All Generations project is part of the Sharing City project. We will match senior citizens with spare rooms with college students, in exchange for which the latter will do simple chores around the house. That way, the senior citizens will have a helping hand, and college students will be free from the burden of paying high rent.

    The spare rooms will be offered at less than half the market price. College students must clean, do the groceries, and teach their landlords how to operate smart devices.

    Ten households will go into trial operation this year, and they will be further expanded depending on the outcome. Any senior citizen living in close proximity to a college and in secure conditions and who have spare room can apply for this project.

    Seoul City will support the extra costs that may be incurred in the process of refurbishing the rented room. Participating senior citizens and students will receive a cultural voucher and get to participate in various get-together programs. Isn’t it an exciting thought? I hope to see you there!


    [Posted on Seoul Mayor Park Won Soon’s Facebook page]