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Mayor's Hope Journal

  • Reinforcing Seoul City’s emergency system in response to North Korea’s latest nuclear test
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 92]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1123

    Urgent conference in Seoul City concerning North Korea’s recent nuclear test

    The nuclear test carried out by North Korea today has caused great shock waves and had an impact not only on Korea but also on the whole world. Though the test was predictable to some degree, it is a provocation which gravely affects our national security, and the international community must cooperate with us in addressing this issue. Seoul City, too, has had to respond in an urgent but prudent manner.

    After media reports of a possible nuclear test by North Korea, I gave orders to reinforce the readiness of our civil defenses and operate the response situation room upon receiving a report from the emergency planning officer. In addition, I convened the executive meeting as soon as I was notified of the nuclear test in order to share information and prepare countermeasures.

    First of all, I gave instructions to follow the actions of the central government in order for close cooperation in preparing for additional provocations, to strengthen security measures for important facilities including the subway system and waterworks, to monitor and open in real time the possible fallout, take precautions for a potential scarcity of daily necessities, and to prevent social confusion.

    I also ordered a meeting of vice district chiefs concerning cooperation with affiliated organizations and autonomous districts, and the operation of the emergency situation room.

    Fortunately, our citizens are not embarrassed and have remained calm, so there has been no panic buying of daily necessities, which attests to high degree of civic awareness. Still, we, by which I mean all the civil servants of Seoul City, will closely follow the development of this incident and make thorough preparations for any emergency situations. Thank you for your cooperation.

    Mayor Park Won-Soon in an urgent conference in Seoul City held in response to North Korea’s recent nuclear test