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  • Good news for small business owners!
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 90]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1073

    Mayor Park Won Soon attending the opening ceremony of the Small & Medium Business Distribution Center

    Here’s another bit of good news for small & medium business owners based in Seoul! The first Small & Medium Business Distribution Center has opened in Yangjae-dong, Seocho-gu.

    The distribution center opened today at the grain wholesale market in Yangjae-dong can reduce costs by almost 10% by shortening the distribution phase, with the result that supermarkets and alley shops in the community can purchase products at much cheaper prices.

    After the opening ceremony, the distribution center began full-scale operations aimed at resolving the managerial difficulties of small & medium supermarkets and laying the basis for their stable management. The distribution center, which is built on a site covering more than 3,305m2 is equipped with the latest distribution equipment and common workplace. All the owners of ordinary supermarkets, alley shops, and stores in the conventional market can use the distribution center.

    With differentiated strategies such as a next-day delivery system and nighttime shipping service, computerized receipt and placement of orders, and minimizing stocks, the distribution center will be able to cope with the threat of commercial sphere by Supersized-Supermarkets (SSM) and large marts.

    In addition, around 3,000 major items will be directly managed and delivered by the distribution center in order to reduce the high cost of stock maintenance, which is weakening the competitiveness of small and medium supermarkets.

    It is necessary to regulate the indiscriminate invasion of the alleys by large marts while simultaneously promoting the alley-based commercial sphere more actively.

    Following the opening of the distribution center in the Gangnam region, Seoul City plans to open distribution centers in the northeastern and northwestern regions of Seoul consecutively. Throughout the year, I will give much thought to the promotion of traditional markets and alley-based commerce.

    The premises and vehicles of the Small & Medium Business Distribution Center