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Mayor's Hope Journal2

  • Hold a Wedding in City Hall
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 88]

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    Photo of the second wedding held in Taepyeong Hall in the basement of Seoul City Hall

    Hold a wedding in city hall many citizens must have dreamed of such a wedding! But now it is no longer a dream. It has become a reality.

    Taepyeong Hall, the most beautiful part of the old City Hall building, was restored in the basement of the Seoul City Hall and is being used as a wedding hall for Seoul citizens.

    A second wedding was held here on Saturday. The following was written by Lee Na mi who designed the wedding. Why not hold your own wedding in Taepyeong Hall?


    The second city hall wedding was held yesterday evening in Taepyeong Hall.

    Unlike the first wedding, which was packed with reporters who visited the City Hall to cover the ceremony for the opening of the Seoul City Hall building, the second one showed all the hallmarks and simple atmosphere of a ‘modest but meaningful wedding’.

    The concept proposed by ‘Sewing for the Soil’, the company which handled the wedding, was ‘fruits’. This time, fruits were used to decorate the wedding hall, and after the wedding they were distributed to the guests as gifts. The red apples placed abundantly under the lighting led me to imagine the good home the young couple will set up. Their home will bear wholesome, pretty, and fragrant fruits like the apples. I can already hear the happy laughter of children running around the house in their soft bare feet.

    I also heard what the people watching the wedding beside the window upstairs were saying: “It’s such a unique wedding.”

    Though they used different expressions, they were saying the same thing. Hearing them, I felt confident that a new image of a ‘modest but meaningful wedding’ has been planted in the hearts of our citizens.