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  • Safe parcel delivery for women
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 86]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1313

    How to use the safe parcel delivery service for women

    In recent times, the number of single-person households in Seoul has increased to such an extent that they now account for 24% of all households, and many of them are women. Single women often complain that they are afraid of receiving parcels from online shopping services, etc. as there have been many unpleasant incidents in which criminal individuals have impersonated parcel delivery men. To cope with this problem, Seoul City has begun a pilot operation consisting of free ‘safe parcel delivery for women’ in eleven areas in the city, reflecting the rising trend of single-person households and households composed of dual-career couples.

    As such, Seoul City completed the installation of unmanned parcel delivery boxes at eleven sites last January 25. However, apartment or officetel buildings where a parcel delivery custody service is already being provided or subway stations where unmanned deposit boxes are installed were excluded from the pilot operation.

    The eleven areas taking part in the pilot operation include the Eastern Women’s Culture Center in Jongno-gu, the Songpa Women’s Culture Center in Songpa-gu, the Women’s Ability Development Center in Gwangjin-gu, the Sangdo 3-dong Village Office in Dongjak-gu, and the Sinchon-dong Village Office in Seodaemun-gu. The service makes it possible for female members of the public to receive a delivered item using the unmanned parcel custody box nearest to their residence. Anyone wishing to use the service can simply designate a custody box for safe parcel delivery for women for receipt of the item when applying for the parcel delivery service.

    Under this system, a delivers an item to the appointed safe parcel delivery custody box, and the control center of the unmanned parcel delivery service operated by the company concerned sends an SMS message informing the recipient of the expected time of delivery of the item and transmits the certification number to the cell phone of the recipient. The recipient of the notification (certification number) of parcel arrival can then open the custody box and remove the item by entering his/her cell phone number and the transmitted certification number in the program of the box at the time of their choosing. The custody box can be used 24 hours/day all year round.

    We will monitor the usage, effectiveness, satisfaction with the service, civil complaints, etc. of the pilot operation and reflect them in our policy-making. If there are sufficient favorable responses, we will expand the service to fifty sites during the first half of this year. Furthermore, Seoul City will continue to devise exciting customized policies for single-person households.