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  • Who wants to open up a parking lot at night?
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 85]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1440

    Public parking lot in an apartment building

    Do you want to open up your empty parking lot at night? Seoul City has launched a program in which shopping districts, schools, apartment buildings and other such facilities are invited to share their empty parking lots at night with people who need a parking space. Under this program, parking problems in nearby residential areas will be solved while providing the program’s participants with an additional monthly income of 20,000~50,000 won per parking space. Seoul City will support the installation of CCTV for security purposes as well as maintenance and repair of the parking lots. If a facility opens more than 30 parking spaces to the public, personnel expenses for management and legal liability insurance for the compensation of car damage will also be partially supported.

    The minimum number of spaces that must be opened under the program is five in the case of ordinary buildings and ten for schools. In addition, if a facility which currently does not have any parking units but is willing to open five or more spaces applies to join the program, Seoul City will set up the parking spaces. As a result of this scheme, 188 facilities in Seoul are already offering 5,717 nighttime parking spaces in total. For example, Geumhwa Elementary School has opened 24 of its 100 spaces, while Seodaemun District Tax Office is offering 35 out of its 50 available spaces, to the public.

    What are you going to do with your empty space? If you share it, the construction cost of new parking lots can be saved and the city’s pressing parking problems will be alleviated. This is one of many sharing city experiments dreamed of by Seoul City. We humbly request your active participation.