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  • Do you know? Parent Community Support Program
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 84]

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    Image of the Seoul Parent Community

    There are several special policies implemented by Seoul City in which we take pride and with which Seoul’s citizens sympathize. One of them is the parent community support program.

    The program was initially implemented by Seoul City in 2012 as a pilot project with the goals of creating a better environment for childcare and realizing the proper roles of parents by resolving the issue of childcare in the family and community together with parents. Last year, 140 parent communities participated in the program. The activities of the parent community include such programs as “making pottery together with disabled children and their parents” (Nowon Growing Parents Pottery Meeting) and “becoming good parents through 1:1 mentoring between married mothers and single mothers” (Seodaemun-gu Salvation Army ‘Duri’ Home), and participation in a childcare playground for mothers and children” (Northeastern Women’s Association – Life Cooperative) by parents’ exchange of labor for childcare.

    Many other interesting activities were carried out in connection with the community such as reading books to children (Songpa Dandelion Seed) and making picture books (Seodaemun Neighborhood for Happy Children).

    Parent communities are the seed meetings for village communities and are likely to grow into other village community projects in the future – such as joint childcare, small libraries, or rest cafés for adolescents. Seoul City is planning to provide active support for the growth and development of such meetings. Once a relationship between people has been forged, it should keep developing. If parents in a neighborhood, especially housewives, gather together, there is a possibility that many problems in the village can be resolved through close mutual cooperation.

    This year, Seoul City will support about 200 such parent communities. An announcement on the program will be posted at the homepage of the Seoul City website (www.seoulparents.kr) on February 5, so please look out for it and participate in it with enthusiasm, so that we can solve the problems in our communities by ourselves and build a new Seoul.