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Mayor's Hope Journal2

  • We should do something about the traffic congestion in Seoul.
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 118]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal2 SMG 1364

    Traffic congestion in the West Trunk Road in Seoul

    Traffic congestion has become a chronic problem in Seoul. We need to use all possible means to solve this problem, including building new roads and encouraging people to use public transportation as much as possible. In addition, we should adopt a more sophisticated system such as staggered work hours spreading out the arrival and departure times of employees and telecommuting. We at Seoul City have come up with a plan to increase to 10% of all employees the number of telecommuters or employees covered by flexible work hours.

    Seoul City will adopt the traffic status forecast system as part of efforts to solve the problem of traffic congestion. Through simulation based on accumulated statistics, the system will provide vehicles with real-time traffic information and possible detours. Upon receiving information on a traffic accident or the sections of roads affected by flood or street demonstration, vehicle drivers will be able to choose detours in advance. We will proceed with this system in three stages: statistical analysis, simulation analysis, and optimal path exploration. Upon the establishment of Stage 1, it will become possible to provide real-time information on the traffic status in the city based on accumulated statistics related to weather and street demonstrations.

    Upon establishment of Stage 2 for the prediction of impact of occurrence of unexpected situations based on simulation analysis concerning individual vehicles and intersections, vehicle drivers will be able to see how long they will be delayed and what detours they should take. Stage 3 collects the analysis models made in the foregoing stages and provides vehicle drivers with information on the optimal paths they should take. With the help of this system, individual drivers can prepare against unexpected road situations and avoid sections of road affected by congestion. This way, it will be more helpful for vehicle drivers than the GPS navigation system.

    Seoul City has discussed matters concerning the establishment of the traffic status prediction system with IBM. We plan to finish statistical analysis within this year and push through with the system one stage after another.