Mayor's Hope Journal

  • Opportunity to land Seoul City-provided jobs, a Seoul version of New Deal
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 117]

    SMG 1286
  • Seoul Mayor Park Won Soon at an explanatory session concerning Seoul City-provided jobs

    Seoul City is offering jobs under the Seoul New Deal Job Opportunity Program 2013. By recruiting 3,902 people, the City will strive to recommend to private businesses participants completing the program (4~9 months). The program will include lectures on humanity and social economy. This program is different from the jobs offered by local governments through public programs in the past since it will help participants land long-term job opportunities.

    The types of jobs offered will confirm what I said earlier: 3D indoor space modeling, clearing of fallen trees in the forest, survey of the status of roads and manholes, protecting children from vehicles when they go to school in the morning and go back home after school, team of body guards helping women return home safely through back alleys at night, child care coordination, taking care of children at households where both parents work, taking care of the handicapped or senior citizens, lifelong education for the local residents, survey of local history and traditional everyday lives carried out by Seoulites including stories about important figures, festivals, rites, and plays, activities as young innovators, energy watchers, etc. You will agree that many of them show potential to be linked to long-term jobs for young people.

    Those 18 years old or older and who live in Seoul may apply. For more details, including information on the documents to be submitted, please visit the homepage of Seoul City or that of Seoul City-run Job Plus Center ( You may also call +82-1588-9142 (Job Plus Center) or +82-2-120 (Seoul Call Center, Dasan 120).