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Mayor's Hope Journal2

  • A Mayor Who Does Nothing
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 111]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal2 SMG 1242

    Seoul Mayor Park Won Soon engaging in spring cleaning

    When reporters asked me, “How would you like to be remembered as Seoul’s Mayor?” I used to answer, “I’d like to be remembered as a Mayor who did nothing.”

    Even these days, many people urge me to do something big. Even my supporters are pestering me to do something for people to remember me by, so much so that I suffered from mental stress.

    In the past, Seoul mayors had ambitions to be re-elected or to run for the Presidency and thought that they needed to implement grand projects that would make a big impression on the people. Some of them caused problems as a result of carrying out a project too far. As a matter of fact, many problems I am currently dealing with are the very same problems. For the past decade, Seoul City’s debt has increased to about 20 trillion won because of such grand ambitions.

    such an attempt to focus on a few grand projects that can impress people may lead to neglecting other areas. The people’s daily lives encompass diverse sectors ranging from economy to culture. None of them is unimportant, and the mayor should not neglect any of them.

    I have thought that, when the people elected me as Seoul Mayor, they wanted me to put the municipal affairs back on track and fulfill mayoral duties from a reasonable, balanced perspective. I am doing my best to be a mayor that takes care of everything properly. I am looking at one pending issue after another meticulously, trying to improve the way things are handled. At the same time, I am working diligently to come up with concrete policy contents that will help realize a united city with world-class competitiveness and accomplish properly set visions.

    I believe that small steps taken systematically and meticulously – like what I am doing now — will eventually make Seoul a happy and beautiful city that holds its own against other large cities in the world. Do you still want me to start some grand and impressive projects?