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Mayor's Hope Journal2

  • More efficient apartment management and extended durability
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 110]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal2 SMG 1264

    Seoul Mayor Park Won Soon at an explanatory session on how to improve apartment management

    At present, around 58% of Seoulites live in apartments. Almost half of the households living in apartments are tenants, yet they are not well represented. There have been many cases of irregularities and disputes related to apartment management.

    In this regard, yesterday I announced a plan to enhance the welfare of apartment dwellers with the focus on how to manage apartments in a more efficient way and thereby extend their durability. The core of my plan consists in establishing an apartment portal site that will disclose details about management expenses, accounting information, and repair and maintenance work. So far, the information on apartment management expenses, including the relevant financial statements, has remained difficult to access by members of the public. My plan requires that all accounting information, including data on 292 accounting subjects, details of repair and maintenance work, and long-term repair work, should be disclosed.

    The operation of such a portal site will go a long way toward preventing dishonest acts as people will be able to conduct close checks and comparisons with neighboring apartments. The Apartment Management Support Center will provide assistance to apartment dwellers through the operation of integrated information sources and the provision of education for dwellers’ representatives, in addition to carrying out water-tight surveillance of any irregularities and suspected misdeeds.

    My plan also includes giving apartment tenants (who account for 42% of all households) the right to be elected as representatives of apartment dwellers in matters related to management expenses. It also includes a way to reduce management expenses by closing loopholes and reforming the methods of making joint contracts. It also requires that power and gas meters be replaced with new ones as part of an effort to prevent miscalculations of energy expenses, which account for the largest share of apartment management expenses.

    Diverse methods including the operation of an in-apartment market, the attraction of ads, and the sale of recyclable goods will be utilized to reduce the overall costs of apartment management. The adoption of a cooperative method of apartment management among a small number of households will enhance transparency and efficiency. In this way, I expect that apartment management costs will be reduced by up to 30%. Seoul City will continue making efforts to explore new ways that will be helpful to apartment dwellers.