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Mayor's Hope Journal

  • Bus stops will be relocated to spots closer to subway stations.
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 106]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1165

    Many of you have experienced difficulty due to the distance between subway stations and bus stops.

    Seoul City inspected 1,754 bus stops in the vicinity of subway stations and found that many of them were located unnecessarily far away from subway stations. As a result, we decided to relocate 96 bus stops to spots within 100 meters of a subway station for greater public convenience in consideration of local conditions. The bus stop for the no. 302 and no. 3216 buses in front of Konkuk University, for example, was 230m away from Exit 3 of Children’s Grand Park Station of Subway Line 7. Now, it will be relocated to a spot in front of KCC Park Town, i.e. 170m closer to the station.

    The process will also require many bus stops’ names to be changed. As regards the bus stop in front of Hyundai Department Store close to Cheonho Subway Station, buses stop in spots close to the bike rack, which causes inconvenience to both bus passengers and bike rack users. Thus, the bus stop will be relocated to a spot about 10m away. The locations of the stops for red buses close to Subway Hapjeong Station and the nearby stop for airport buses will be exchanged with each other, with the numbers of users and waiting times taken into account. Meanwhile, the bus stop in front of Yonggang-dong Community Service Center will be relocated to a spot 20m away in consideration of its proximity to a pedestrian crossing. Concerning bus stops at spots 300m or more away from a subway station, a total of 46 new bus stops will be created.

    Information on the relocated and newly installed bus stops will be provided on the TOPIS homepage in due course. We will continue to strive to make Seoul the world’s No.1 city for public transportation. Thank you.

    TOPIS (Seoul Transport Operation and Information Service) homepage (http://topis.seoul.go.kr)