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  • Why is there a giant ear in front of the City Hall?
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 104]

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    The abstract ear-shaped sculpture in front of City Hall

    Have you wondered why there’s an ear-shaped sculpture in front of the new city hall building?

    The new sculpture, titled Yeoboseyo (‘Hello?’ in Korean), was commissioned to represent the City Hall. Standing approximately 2.5 meters tall, the bronze statue represents the City Hall’s pledge to listen to the people.

    The ear, which reflects the city’s determination to listen to each and every citizen, is installed with an interior microphone connected to the speakers placed all around the City Hall’s basement. Anything you or your fellow citizens have to say will not go unheard.

    The sculpture was unveiled on March 3 at a ceremony attended by myself, Park Jong-hwa, traditional merchant Kim Jeong-an, Honorary Deputy Mayor Maksarujaui Ondrahe, One-day Citizen Mayors Kim Ui-in and Jo Jun-ho, twelve supervisors from the Citizens Office, and more than sixty citizens.

    During the ceremony, the creator of the sculpture, public artist Yang Su-in, explained her work to the audience, while the citizens recorded their voices through the ear-shaped sculpture. Performance artist Choe Hyeon-ju wore her own emergency communicator fitted with a “talk” and “listen” button, and played back the opinions she collected through her device as part of her performance.

    Communication has never been more important. A government submerged deep in red tape behind closed walls cannot listen to the people. The same goes for Seoul City. I have made it clear that my main goal during my time office is “big ear” leadership.” I Have Something to Say, Live Wonsoon, Policy Conference, Deliberation, Historic System, Critics Group, Honorary Deputy Mayor, and One-Day Mayor are just some of the newer channels through which the people’s voice can be heard.

    The Citizen’s Office, situated in the basement of the new city hall building, was established for the same reason. I believe our real-time communication channel through the Social Media Center has gone rather well. Seoul will become a brighter, livelier city with the help of its citizens.

    Mayor Park Won Soon posing with Seoul citizens at the unveiling ceremony