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Mayor's Hope Journal2

  • Working based on accurate predictions; the power of advanced civic administration
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Hope Journal 100]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal2 SMG 1210

    A few days ago, an economic daily newspaper reported that “many of the Godeok Jugong Apt. complexes – 16,000 household mammoth apartment buildings waiting to be reconstructed – began to change their design one after another.” It means that the apartment complexes are trying to change the design of the new apartment buildings to have more small- and medium-sized flats just before the start of relocation of the residents and the groundbreaking for the construction of the new buildings.


    originally, they were approved by seoul city to construct new apartment buildings with the ratio of small-sized apartments set to 20%. now, however, they want to increase the portion of small-sized apartments considering economic values, etc.


    in fact, not only this district but also many other regions in seoul including the gaepo district objected to the principle of seoul city requiring new buildings to have at least 30% small-sized apartments. even banners lambasting me were hung along the street at 10m intervals. now, however, most of the regions generally agree to that principle, or they are raising the ratio of small-sized apartments voluntarily. it shows that the requests of seoul city or the standards for permission were appropriate all along.


    according to statistics korea, people living in one-man and two-man households in korea accounted for 48% of the population of seoul last year.

    in such a situation with so many small-sized households, will large houses sell well if they are built on a large scale? we can see the future only if we interpret statistics accurately. what is more difficult to understand is that they insist on building large-sized apartments despite seeing many large-sized apartments left unsold in seoul and around the capital area.


    to the officials of seoul city, i always emphasize the importance of working based on accurate prediction. we should be able to foresee the future in 10, 20, or 100 years. we should be able to make people 100 years later say, “how could our ancestors predict such a thing like this and implement policies in the right direction?” unfortunately, we often waste budget or give ourselves a headache by misjudging something in the immediate present or by being unable to predict the future several years later. we at seoul city will endeavor to implement future-oriented administration and work based on accurate prediction.

    mayor park won soon visiting a gayang rental apartment