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  • Mayor Park Won Soon’s first “Weekend Date with Residents” in 2013

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    On the 19th, at 10am, at the 6th floor Mayor’s Office, Mayor Park listened to feedbacks from residents in the 10th “Weekend Date with Residents”. This was the first such date in 2013.

    On this day, Mayor Park covered four agenda items with 10 residents with each item taking about 15-20 minutes.

    The four agenda items included upgrading of Bokjeong Station facilities; proposal for establishment of Seoul Disabled Archery Team; proposal for moving to more spacious long-term public rental housing; and request by Seoul Architectural Committee for revision of apartment housing design review guidelines.

    Mayor Park listened attentively to the petitions of the citizens and exchanged ideas with them. The results of the petitions will be made known after discussions with experts and looking into the legal aspects of the proposals.