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Mayor's Hope Journal

  • Anonymous citizen donates 1,000 sacks of rice to Seoul Government
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Administrative Journal 79]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1605

    One thousand sacks of rice donated by an anonymous citizen being delivered to the Seoul Metropolitan Food Bank.

    The world is full of struggle and strife but there are happy and joyous events that help us summon the energy to move on.

    There are people who bring warmth and goodness to the world.

    We received a phone call from the Hwangdeung National Agricultural Cooperative Federation at three in the afternoon this January 16th. The federation official wanted to know how to donate 1,000 sacks (20 kg per sack) of rice to Seoul on behalf of an anonymous citizen.

    We tried to find out who this anonymous donor was, but the Federation’s representative made it clear that the nameless benefactor wished to remain unidentified. This citizen had previously sent KRW 45 million to his or her account to have the rice processed and sent to Seoul.

    The next day, January 17th, the 1,000 sacks of rice arrived at Seoul Food Bank in Dobong-gu at three in the afternoon. We dispatched our people to see if we could get a glimpse of the donor but to no avail.

    The rice was distributed among low-income families before the Lunar New Year’s holiday in keeping with the donor’s wishes.

    Seoul’s Hope Ondol Project for Warmer Winters began in 2011 with the aim of finding and helping low-income families that are not eligible for welfare.

    The project is run on Seoul’s budget but donations in the form of cash or goods from companies, individuals, and organizations are always of great help. The anonymous benefactor made has surely many people very happy. I thank you on their behalf.

    For those who would like to send in their story or make a donation, please call Seoul Call Center, Dasan 120 (Tel: +82-120), visit the Hope Ondol website, or apply at your district office. (http://ondol.welfare.seoul.kr/, Seoul Hope and Welfare Office +82-2-2133-7390)