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  • Seoul starts a new hospital trend!
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Administrative Journal 78]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1495

    Seoul Metropolitan Patients Hospital

    Seoul announced its plans to begin its new Patient Hospital scheme just a few days ago. It is bad enough to be in poor health. But imagine the agony of not having anyone to take care of you.

    The staff of the new hospital will include social workers who will take care of the patients’ phychological and economic needs, so patients will be able to recover without worrying about having a guardian to nurse them back to health.

    We have added seventy-nine more nurses to the team, which is now 144 strong. Twenty-four hospital assistants and five social workers will be working for the patients as well. On average, each nurse has to look after an average of seventeen patients. My goal is to reduce that number to seven, similar to the figures for advanced countries such as Japan and United States.

    The first ninety patient beds will become available from January 17 while a further ninety beds will be ready after March. Not only will the patients be looked after by nurses, they will also be assisted with daily activities that require extra help. They will be constantly monitored to manage pain and to prevent falls and bedsores.

    They will undergo a phychological evaluation conducted by the social workers. Any other requirements will be met with the help of affiliated local organizations. All services will be provided for free, thereby alleviating the patients’ financial burden. Nursing can cost around KRW 60,000 a day, which can easily amount to more than KRW 2 million per month.

    This is our first step towards providing sound social welfare and free medical support.

    Seoul’s twelve municipal hospitals will be renovated to offer improved public health services. Thank you.

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