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  • Healing Toward Happiness
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Administrative Journal 76]

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    Children in the “Motion Healing Program”

    The key issue in contemporary Korea is “healing.” We have suffered from overheated competition for a long time. No wonder, “healing” has become a hot topic. Seoul Metropolitan City and Seoul Foundation of Arts and Culture have prepared various healing programs for families and children this winter vacation. I believe it is essential for the family to take time off to strengthen their bonds especially since children are forced into private education at such a young age.

    The Seongbuk Seoul Art Space specializes in art therapy, whereas the Gwanak kid’s art space offers 16 winter vacation programs in January. Let us take a closer look at some of them, shall we?

    The Seongbuk Seoul Art Space’s winter program is Dongchimi (One kind of kimchi). The classes target children and housewives and cover subjects such as art, music, dance, and watching movies. The programs were designed for mutual healing by sharing negative experiences, discussing various issues, and preventing issues before they manifest themselves.

    Children in an art healing program

    “The Inner Child,” “Winter Journey to Self-respect,” and “I Am an Artist” are just some of the available art healing programs. Mothers with preschool children can attend the music healing program “Happy with Music 1/2,” “Percussion with Mom,” and “Play with Rhythm.” Motion healing programs for grade schoolers such as “Dance and Motion Healing for Grade School Students” and “Movie Meets Psychology” for mothers are also good picks.

    Let us not forget the Gwanak-gu Children’s Creative Play Center, which has many art healing programs for children, parents, and teachers. Their winter vacation programs are called “Empty and Fill.” Winter can become a dreary part of the year. Why not take part in an art healing class to perk up your family? Visit the websites and find the right healing program that fits you and your family.

    We must remember that health and happiness do not come for free; we must make efforts to realize them.