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  • Recycling Wastes in Art Class
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Administrative Journal 75]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1474

    Children in craft class using recycled waste

    What is the Seoul Resource Center?

    This is where many recycled goods are collected and reused. We are implementing various policies to make the most out of recycled goods. The Seoul Resource Center (SR for short) has recently collected used toys, which were taken apart for social enterprises to use as creative crafts materials.

    The SR Center has taken apart 2 tons of toys for social enterprise Kumjadonge, where it will be used for Sseulmo Festival during winter vacation. It has been utilized in six programs and an exhibit. Hosted by Kumjadonge at Heiri Artist Village, the festival showcases pieces made of recycled toys and wood until March 3. They also offer educational courses and art therapy using recycled toys.

    Seoul is plagued by 5 tons of discarded toys every month, or 60 tons a year. The festival has suggested new ways of tapping a resource that would have otherwise gone to waste.

    The recycled toys were sold to Kumjadonge at KRW 250 per kilogram. It earned us a mere KRW 500,000, but it is a start. Besides, the toys were going to be disposed of anyway. I hope more children learn how plastic affects the environment and how precious resources are. Now, that is what we call killing two birds with one stone. Why not take your children to Heiri this weekend?