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Mayor's Hope Journal2

  • [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Administrative Journal 66] Two Things that Matter During the Cold Wave

  • Mayor's Hope Journal2 SMG 1412

    Mayor Park at the Western Roads & Bridges Maintenance Office to inspect snow removal equipment

    Korea has suffered an exaggeration cold wave over the last few days, especially Seoul. In my years in office I have always emphasized the importance of not letting anyone freeze out in cold weather like this, along with abolishing the practice of spending money at the year’s end to meet the budget.

    A 24-hour emergency support system has gone into action as a way of helping homeless people in the winter season. Outreach activities are under way night and day all over Seoul. Homeless people staying in permanent locations are being guided to facilities Three hundred and fifty emergency beds were made available at Seoul Station and Yeongdeungpo Station where there are concentrated numbers of homeless people. Those with illness and homeless families will get a chance to stay indoors at 70 temporary lodges. Alcoholics and mentally ill homeless people will be admitted to the metropolitan hospital. Winter items will be handed out with help from private groups.

    Year’s end splurges are under control thanks to rigid reporting procedures. This will prevent precious budget funds from being spent to even the numbers and prevent shoddy constructions. Yesterday, on December 28, there were only three pavement constructions in all of Seoul. Hannam-ro is being renovated to prevent flooding; a subway station in Gangguk-gu is getting an additional elevator; and Seocho Any Tower is under construction.

    All the construction sites have placards and guides. The improvement of Jahamun-ro pedestrian road and the installation of an escalator at Dongnimmun Station were restricted or requested to complete the works before schedule.

    Seoul Metropolitan Government has made “the ten pavement block rules,” which have been shared and implied at all autonomous district and related facilities. Breaking the restrictions will have its consequences. One of the rules is not to carry out pedestrian road constructions in the winter from December to February. The scene of perfectly good pavement blocks being flipped over at the end of the year will be a thing of the past.