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Mayor's Hope Journal

  • The Carriage of Hope Continues to Run
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Administrative Journal 64]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1227

    Carriage of Hope

    The cold weather continues.

    When I was elected mayor, I said at the beginning of the first winter, “I will make sure no one goes without any meal or sleeps on an ice-cold floor.” That was the declaration of the Hope Ondol Project.

    Seoul’s Carriage of Hope is part of the Hope Ondol Project. Now that the Christmas season is here, it is at its busiest ever.

    First, it will visit shelters for single mothers, facilities for senior citizens living alone, multicultural families, and childcare centers in areas carrying gifts donated by Seoul citizens and private companies this December 28 (Fri.), with volunteers wearing Santa Clause costumes.

    For those of you who are not familiar with Carriage of Hope, it is a project that hands out daily necessities to the needy who are not eligible to receive welfare.

    Carriage of Hope’s present-handing ceremony

    Seoul has given support worth KRW 628 million to 19,146 families this year. The city has also established an emergency rescue procedure in preparation for fire and other dangers that may arise among families in need.

    The Carriage of Love visited over 400 single mothers and mothers-to-be at 19 facilities, 130 senior citizens living alone and multinational family homes, and 120 children at 4 public childcare centers handing out products donated by CJ O-Shopping (household heaters, kitchen containers, makeup, stationery, etc.), E-mart (food, gloves, socks, etc.), On-traders (padded jumpers), Yu Seo-woo (custom insoles), Hanwha Group (63 building entry tickets), Bogwang Family Mart (dolls, toys), and more. A total of 400 people at 19 single-mother shelters will be given padded jumpers, household heaters, and kitchen containers.

    Today, on the 26th (Wed.), 130 senior citizens living alone and multicultural families in Gwanak-gu will receive food, electric heaters, kitchen utensils, socks, and more. Yu Seo-woo, a donator, will make custom insoles on-site.

    The following Friday, December 28, 120 children from 4 public childcare facilities in Geumcheon-gu (Nanuri, Vision, Jeonjinsang, Hyemyeong Child Center) will be given snacks, stationery, dolls, toys, and tickets to 63 Building. Volunteer workers have also prepared post- Christmas recreational activities.

    Of course, this will not be enough to make everything right. Please report areas not visited by the Carriage of Hope, and we will see to it that something is done. For those of you who would like to report an area in need or who are interested in making donations, dial 120 whether you are an individual, a corporation, or a group or visit http://ondol.welfare.seoul.kr/ to apply. We will do our best to make Seoul a more livable place.