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  • Recycling Election Banners
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Administrative Journal 63]

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    The election season has come to an end. There are many things left for us to do as a self-governing municipality, and clearing out the banners in the streets and buildings is one of them. The streets were plastered with banners hung by the candidates, election committee, and assembly members during the election season, which overlapped with the education superintendent election.

    Each district office having jurisdiction is supposed to collect the banners and discard them. This would result in enormous amounts of waste, however. Seeing an opportunity to recycle resources that would otherwise be wasted, I have asked my team to see what can be done before Election Day.

    According to their research, nine districts including Jongno and Gangbuk-gu already recycle banners by donating to rehabilitation centers in their municipalities, farms, or others requiring banners. The other five districts have no plan to date. Thus, we handpicked three organizations that are interested in recycling the collected banners — Green Generation Plant, Touch for Good, and Green Forest Foundation – and one of them was chosen for the job.

    Touch for Good, a social enterprise specializing in recycling, has promised to make “Five-Year Promise Bags” with the banners. This would be a great way of remembering the promises made by the president during the election and reusing renewable resources by making eco-bags. Now, that’s “killing two birds with one stone,” as an old Korean saying goes.

    The performance report will be due December 28, so we will see how much of the banners were recycled. It is proof that the world is changing, one baby step at a time.

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