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  • The Surest Way to Recover Your Pet Dogs: The Pet Animal Registration System
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Administrative Journal 54]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1519

    Walking down an alley, we often see posters for lost puppies or dogs. Next year, such a practice could become a thing of the past.
    The City of Seoul is implementing the Pet Dog Registration System as of January 1, 2013 for all pet dogs older than three months.

    Similar registration systems have already been put in place in many foreign countries including the U.S., Japan, Australia and Taiwan in a bid to reduce the number of abandoned dogs among other things.

    For a fee of no more than 20,000 won, dog owners can register their pets and have ID chips or tags attached to them. Currently, if a dog is missing, there is virtually no way of identifying it. Once the registration system is in place, however, each dog will have an ID number that makes it easily identifiable no matter where it gets lost.

    Giving your dog a number is easy. Simply check the nearest animal clinic designated by your district office at its website, visit it with your pet, fill out an application and pay the fee. The clinic will do the rest.

    The fee (10,000, 15,000 or 20,000 won) is charged for a chip or tag. Of course, guide dogs for the blind are exempt from the fee, as is the registration of abandoned dogs. Furthermore, a 50% deduction is offered for the registration of dogs that already have electronic chips; registration by members of lowest-income households; and the registration of neutered (castrated) pet dogs.

    Dogs have been human beings’ best friends since time immemorial.

    As such, the city administration has set up the Animal Protection Division and the Pet Animal Adoption Center, and has been promoting a variety of measures to increase animal welfare. Following the implementation of the pet animal registration system in 2013, citizens’ responsibility for their pet animals will increase, the number of abandoned dogs will decline, rabies inoculations will be managed more easily, and overall pet dogs will have much better living conditions in Seoul. I would like to ask you to fully understand the city administration’s efforts to take better care for pet animals in town and cooperate with its new pet animal registration system. Thank you.