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Mayor's Hope Journal2

  • Seoul City’s Struggle to Prevent Bus Bankruptcy
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Administrative Journal 46]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal2 SMG 1626

    It lasted until this very morning.

    We stayed up all night to prevent the shutdown of the bus network and to minimize the disruption a strike would cause. First, the city met with representatives from both the city bus transportation company association and the Seoul bus drivers union and worked without rest to convince them to operate buses again as soon as possible. Any disruption to the city residents’ daily commute and routine was untenable.

    Initially, an agreement was made with the local buses promising to maintain normal operation in order to prevent disruption on the busiest commuter routes. Preparations were also made to reduce commuter disruption by increasing subway services, maximizing the number of passengers that could be accommodated. In each area, I gave instructions to quickly set up emergency transportation measures, and as each of those measures was established, information was immediately transmitted to the residents of Seoul directly through SNS media.

    At the same time, Seoul City Transportation officials met all night with officials from the bus transportation industry association and bus drivers union to continually push for a solution to the impasse.

    We began to slowly see signs of a solution in the form of a major breakthrough—a way to reduce the period in which buses weren’t operating. The result of these talks was that at 6:20am today, Seoul City buses resumed normal operation.

    The hard work of Seoul City Transportation officials and officials from the industry association and labor union was able to solve the issues.

    Now, buses all over Seoul are operating as usual. I’d like to extend my appreciation to Assistant Mayor for City Transportation Yun Jun-byeong and all of those city transportation officials and workers working under him for their hard work all through the night.

    Now, I hope you enjoy your hard-earned rest and are able to get some sleep. I’d also like to thank the transport industry association and the bus drivers union. I hope that the bus and taxi operators will try their best in order to facilitate open dialogue and negotiation, and to promote the development of public transport for the sake of the people of Seoul. And to everyone traveling out there today, please stay safe on the road and be considerate to others. I hope you have a fine and pleasant day. Thank you.