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  • Managing Eunpyeong New Town’s On-Site Mayor’s Office…
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Administrative Journal 41]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1480

    I opened an on-site mayor’s office in Eunpyeong New Town on November 1 where I met with local citizens, listened to their numerous complaints, and tried to find resolutions with the assistance of Seoul City officials, SH construction workers, and the relevant personnel.

    Currently, around 50,000 people live in Eunpyeong New Town. As large families with children were assigned to live in the rental houses in Complex 1, there have been numerous complaints about there not being a pre-school, library or sports facilities including a swimming pool.

    Other problems associated with transportation, a lack of amenities, and the number of unsold large-scale apartments and such like are crowding my mind.

    The day before yesterday, starting at 6:30 A.M., while out strolling around the hills nearby, I met people enjoying a morning walk, others who were playing badminton, and seniors performing Taegeukgwon (Korean martial arts). I took heed of the seniors’ request for a closet and a roof over the badminton court, which they constructed thirty years ago. If they stay healthy and live long lives, their health care costs will be lower, so it is necessary to build a social sports facility and train and arrange health consultants for them.

    But I cannot resolve all your problems overnight.

    In this respect, I like the idea of having an on-site mayor’s office, a “roaming” office that I can move to problematic areas where Seoul City citizens have been having a hard time in order to meet them directly, witness their problems for myself, and find resolutions to them.

    From now until November 9, I will be visiting the Changneungcheon River military base, the pre-school in Gupabal, the Eunpyeong Senior Welfare Center, the little library in Sangnim Village and various book cafes, and the Eunpyeong environmental plants, among other places, in order to monitor their condition and meet with on-site officials to discuss requests and present resolutions.

    Where should we go next?