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Mayor's Hope Journal

  • What Are You Expecting from Seoul City?
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Administrative Journal 39]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 2023

    One year has passed already.

    How have our citizens’ lives changed in the past year?

    Although I have been working hard as the Mayor of Seoul for the past year, I ask myself every morning whether I have kept my promise to become the first mayor who changes people’s lives.

    … In such moments, I read once again all your wishes written on post-its and stuck all over the wall of my office.

    Those words you gave me during my campaign, your support and criticism, and your diverse interests are the engines of the power that sustains our city and the driving force that enables me to move forward.

    Thanks to you, I have come this far.

    Please let me listen to you more so I can do better.

    I will write your words on post-its and engrave them in my heart.

    What is lacking, how Seoul should change, what you expect from me and Seoul City….
    Please help me to listen to you directly.

    We can create Seoul together! For everyone to enjoy the goodness of Seoul, please keep giving me your suggestions for Seoul! Please fill up my office with your dreams.