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  • Are You Ready to Go Home Now?
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Administrative Journal 34]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1596

    Have you made all of your preparations for your hometown visit?

    Why not accompany me on the road home?

    On our first podcast, Please Answer, Won Soon, Episode 1, I share my answers on important issues that concern our citizens as well as the current state of our lives. I shared Seoul City’s thoughts with you so that together we can build and share our great city.

    As such, Seoul City is ever changing, and is now listening more to Seoul’s citizens and answering their questions.

    I hope you enjoy a safe return from your hometowns.

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    People often say, “I wish all days were like Chuseok…,” but holidays are not necessarily happy occasions for everyone.

    Today in Hapjeong-dong I met the merchants of Mangwon Market, who were picketing and protesting against a large retail store setting up in their locale. Their livelihood for many decades was now under threat because of a large retailer possibly coming into their neighborhood. These nervous merchants have been protesting for over fifty days now.

    There is no easy way for large retailers and traditional markets to coexist.
    The City of Seoul has recently mandated that large retailers close on certain dates, but the regulation has now been put on hold at the court. However, we plan to amend the rules and start the mandatory closure policy.

    According to the Seoul Research Center, during last spring, when large retailers were forced to close twice a month, the economy in Seoul’s traditional markets improved by about 40%. I promise to create a “Mutual Way of Life” whereby large corporations and neighborhood stores can thrive together in a spirit of coexistence.

    There is another aspect to the “mutual life” in this Chuseok season.
    I am talking about the “mutual life” among our family members.
    In our beautiful tradition, a daughter who marries out and the mother she leaves behind meet at the halfway point at Chuseok and share their love, having missed each other so much. We could call this our “Halfway Tradition”. How much must a daughter living with the in-laws miss her mother? I can imagine your difficult lives in Seoul, so please come back to us greatly comforted and encouraged by your parents, your siblings, your old home and the fields, and the exceedingly bright seasonal moon.

    I want to share a poem with you, which I usually recite under the Chuseok’s full moon.

    The poem is entitled “Moonlight Prayer”. It is written by Sister Lee Hae-in.
    (Moonlight Prayer)

    You and I both become
    Full moons at Chuseok
    Because of our longing for home.
    If our glances at each other
    Can only become meek and soft like the moonlight,
    If our lives could only become brighter
    With the darkness of greed ousted therefrom.

    May sharp hatred and prejudice be abandoned,
    And our lives become rounder,

    So I pray with my folded hands.

    The full moon rises in my heart
    Even before it rises in the heavens.

    May the Chuseok Moon rise in your heart
    And may you always be as happy as the full moon!

    How did you like it?
    Like this poem, have a happy, round Chuseok and return home safely!
    Thank you.