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Mayor's Hope Journal

  • Good-bye, Summer!
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Administrative Journal 30]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1629

    It seems like autumn is already here. The sizzling heat finally eased up with the changing of the seasons. How did you endure this year’s sizzling summer?

    When the trees on the streets dried and withered, the Seoul Metropolitan Government opened the Drought Countermeasure Headquarters. Then, seeing elderly people lose their lives due to the suffocating heat, the city set up the headquarters to beat the heat. Soon, algae began to spread all over the Hangang River, so the city created a headquarters to tackle the green slime and maintain the quality of the tap water. Later, typhoons moved northward and heavy downpours were expected every day. Given such adverse climatic conditions, the staff at the Disaster Countermeasure Headquarters and I anxiously hoped for the best.

    It is still too early to relax. We cannot forget that typhoons usually hit Korea hard in September. We cannot yet slip into the holiday mood even when Chuseok is around the corner. Only after mid-October will we be able to close the doors at the city’s Disaster Prevention and Countermeasure Headquarters.

    My dear Seoul citizens, I hope you will all savor the cool, pleasant autumn weather. Autumn is the season for reading and harvesting. It is the prime time for making you grow. I hope you read a lot, think a lot, and achieve a lot in this most agreeable of seasons.