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Mayor's Hope Journal2

  • Floating Island – Fixing the Mistakes of Poorly Managed Projects, the Need to Establish a Proper Policy
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Administrative Journal 25]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal2 SMG 1459

    After becoming mayor, I have come to inherit great headaches. The Floating Island is definitely one of those headaches. The project was not only denied by the regulated city council agreement in the local government system, but the total cost skyrocketed from a projected 66.2 billion won to 139 billion won, and it was revealed that there were unreasonable plans to extend the authority for free use from 20 to 30 years. It was also revealed that the Floating Island businesses exaggerated their expenses. These unreasonable actions could increase the amount taxpayers paid to the country.

    The 1st administration deputy mayor Kim Sang-beom brought this issue to light, saying: “Of all private businesses (being promoted in the city), the Floating Island project has the greatest number of problems, so from start to finish the project has been poorly managed.”

    However this was said in a report yesterday: “From the results of this Floating Island audit, it is clear that Seoul mayor Park Won Soon is taking initial steps to remove the legacy of previous mayor, Oh Se-hoon. But steps like these are a comment on the fallen continuity and credibility of Seoul’s administration.” No! Auditing this sham and wasteful business, fixing mistakes made, and setting up an alternative is described as ‘the fallen continuity and credibility of Seoul’s administration’? Are they just telling me to go? I’m finding it hard to understand what on earth this report intended to accomplish.

    Generally, I have endeavored, where possible, to supplement and carry on from the policies and businesses of previous mayors in office. In all actuality, since Mayor Lee Myung-bak, Seoul has been in chaos caused by the New Town problem, demanding loans and debt that increased from 6 trillion won under Mayor Goh Kun to 19 trillion won. I have done my best to sort out and solve these problems whilst still getting a good night’s sleep. However I cannot accept criticism saying that inquiring into and trying to find a solution for a problem such as the Floating Islands is the same thing as removing the legacy of the previous mayor. On the contrary, shouldn’t we straighten out the mistakes of past businesses and wasteful policies?