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Mayor's Hope Journal2

  • Seoul, International City – Wishes and Dreams of Global Families
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Administrative Journal 22]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal2 SMG 1518

    The Seoul Town Meeting, conceived as a means of listening to the concerns of multi-cultural families and seeking solutions to their difficulties, was opened today in Myeong-dong. The difficulties and frustrations of many people who have become part of the multi-cultural community (one person suggested that they be called global families, as ‘multi-cultural families’ sounds deprecating) run deep. More than anything else, the abasement and discrimination faced by immigrants from Southeast Asia is a serious issue. A woman from Bangladesh named ‘Luna’ revealed the serious nature of belittlement and being spoken to in informal language. It’s important to teach immigrants the Korean language, but it’s also important to first teach Koreans the concept of multi-culturalism. It’s very hard for these people to find employment, and they feel the greatest difficulties in the area of their children’s education. Without suitable adjustment to Korean culture, in the area of social education as opposed to school education, they are unable to provide the high levels of investment that a Korean person would. They are also people who came to Korea with a dream. They fall into the poorest group of people in Seoul, and if they fail to educate the second generation, then with what hope can they live here? There are close to 400,000 foreigners living in Seoul: Seoul is already an international city. Seoul’s ‘Seoul Global Center’ has been set up to help these people, but today more varied and concrete policy ideas were compiled. I will endeavor to make Seoul become a place where more hopes and dreams can be made a reality for them.