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Mayor's Hope Journal2

  • Look at That
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Administrative Journal 20]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal2 SMG 1567

    My day starts with a look at the newspapers in the morning. My reason for doing this is the enjoyment I get out of it. The reading process clarifies which things I must examine, which things will occupy my thoughts, and which items I will take clippings of. Maybe Seoul’s residents aren’t aware of how quickly I pass judgment on these things. It’s something that I’m secretly proud of.

    However, there’s one article here that’s a real eye-opener! ‘Gangnam Reconstruction: Small, But Getting Larger as Time Goes By’. Would you take a look at that! I’ve repeatedly and vehemently asserted that very point. Seriously, all you have to do is see an inch past your own nose.

    I gave some thought to the inhabitants of the Gaepo Jugong Apartments. It was a voluntary increase in small-sized housing. The businesses will do well. The city of Seoul will also do its best. However in the past, banners were put up calling for me to ‘step down’, so it is worth my while trying to ensure that the situation will be resolved successfully. Won’t banners reading: ‘Mayor Won Soon Park, come and have a glass of makgeolli’ be put up? I’m not joking. I’ll go for a glass.

    The area of Godeok Siyeong is also the same. On the side of the unions, the majority preferred middle to small-sized housing as opposed to large housing, according to an ‘application lot survey’. So I’d heard that a decision was to be reached quickly sometime in May. My citizens, please look upon our tomorrow with the eyes of warm insight. Seoul will wait upon the judgment of its citizens.

    Houses are the places where we live our lives. They not only embody our way of living but conversely, they cultivate the way we live, if we make them well. Take a good look at the real estate market, the population ratio, the family make-up, or working hours in Korea. What is the meaning of building apartments big enough to house herds of buffalo or bison, on the off chance perhaps that we might one day acquire great wealth? It’s unthinkable!

    There’s one thing which I worry greatly about. It’s the 600 apartments built by Seoul SH Construction under the Eunpyeong-gu New Town project- they aren’t selling. The problem is that these apartments all have a large floor space in excess of 132m². It is the general opinion of experts that in households in Seoul these days, more than 50% are composed of just one or two people, and this trend is on the increase. If this is the case, then the current apartment floor space should be getting smaller. However, if people keep building large apartments as they please, on a scale of 96, 132, and 165m², then apartments like those in Eunpyeong will exist, but they won’t be sold. And whose responsibility is it? Just thinking about those apartments, which have remained unsold for four years, makes me angry. I’m talking about the wasting of our citizens’ precious taxes, bled away by an administration which can’t see an inch past its own nose. In future I will endeavor to change the administration into one that is able to see two, three, and even ten inches past its own nose. My citizens, will you join together with me in this?