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Mayor's Hope Journal

  • A new addition to the family
    [Mayor Park Won Soon’s Administrative Journal 17]

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 1885

    Last week there was a new addition to our family.

    It was a one-month-old puppy named ‘Huimang’ (meaning ‘Hope’). The name was given with Seoul in mind, a city brimming with hope and promise. Isn’t he handsome?

    The little rascal has a handsome friend named ‘Seoul’. Quite fitting, isn’t it? This little pup looks much older, but he was actually born just a few months before Huimang.

    Seoul became part of the family as soon as he moved in with us. It’s impossible to tell if the little rascal is a dog or a human. Although he should bark when a stranger comes in, he scurries to greet them like a house owner receiving a guest. And his favorite food is coffee. He can instinctively sense the slightest scent of coffee, and runs to the person drinking it to glare at them. Even so, he knows that it’s bad to beg for something a human is eating or drinking, and wags his tail – it’s really cute. ^^

    Just the other day I took off my socks and all hell broke loose between these two. They started to behave like wildcats: there must have been something about the socks’ smell, as they both wanted it for their own.

    The following took place just one week after Seoul and Huimang had been living together: the new arrival Huimang had managed to take over Seoul’s doghouse. Even though it was Seoul’s home, he couldn’t go in, and spent all day circling around it, round and round… The two little rascals have such a strong sense of rivalry: when I come home they both bark at me to hug them first, and if I pet one then the other growls with jealousy. If any new character comes in, be it a person or a dog, they hold what can best be described as a trial of strength to see who can outshine the other!

    Even with this fierce rivalry, they have become valuable friends to me, catalysts in my life. Because of this, I need this rivalry to simmer down into a ‘friendly competition’. To make sure these two rascals to live harmoniously, I have resolved to build a new doghouse this Sunday. It will have to be big and wide enough for them to both live comfortably together.