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  • Mayor Park: Social Economy is the Solution to Crisis

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    On September 7, 2016, Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon suggested that efforts should be made to get over the current world economic crisis through innovation based on the social economy at the Global Social Economy Forum (GSEF) 2016 held in Montreal, Canada, speaking as the representative of the first host city of the GSEF.

    The GSEF, established in 2014 in Seoul, is an international networking platform in social economy formed to discuss how to invigorate regional economy among mayors, international organization representatives, and social economy leaders. More than two thousand people attended the second forum held in Montreal on the theme of innovative and sustainable urban development – collaboration between local governments and social economic organization.

    At his speech at the opening ceremony, Mayor Park Won-soon stressed the importance of the social economy as a new paradigm for overcoming inequality and the current global economic crisis. After the speech, he met mayors of Montreal, Mondragon, and cities of Japan to listen to the results of their efforts made to enhance the social economy. Montreal, in particular, is said to be carrying out positive activities, including research related to the social economy.

    Commenting on his attendance at the forum, Mr. Park Won-soon said, “The GSEF is a venue for those sharing the idea that the solution to the current global economic crisis will be found in the social economy. We looked back at the spirit of the Seoul Declaration (2013). I’ll continue to strive to have the forum serve as the core hub in the efforts towards sustainable development based on the social economy as an individual representing the first host city.”