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  • Mayor Park, Selected as“Global Mentor”by Young Leaders

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    Mayor Park Won-soon was selected as a global leader of Davos Forum by young global leaders aged between twenties and thirties, along with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who is leading innovations and expansion in Canada, and Governor of Grameen Bank Muhammad Yunus who is a Nobel Peace laureate.

    Seoul reported that Mayor Park Won-soon, currently at Davos Forum (20-23 January 2016), was invited to ‘Meet the Leaders with Global Shaper’, so he had an opportunity to communicate comfortably with around 50 young leaders on 21 January at 11:30 AM (local time)

    The ‘Meet the Leaders’ session is led by ‘Global Shaper’ a community under Davos Forum consisting of young businessmen and civic activists aged between twenties and thirties. The community invites leaders from various fields in the world as mentors for the session every year. The ‘Global Shaper’ community, which was founded in 2011, has 452 Hubs and about 5,000 members in 169 countries around the world. Each year, 50 members of the community participate in the session ‘Meet the Leaders.’

    Along with Mayor Park, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Governor of Grameen Bank Muhammad Yunus, Co-Chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Melinda Gates, and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands were selected and invited as a leader of Davos Forum in 2016. In 2015, French President Francois Hollande, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and Brazilian President Lula were invited as a leader of Davos Forum.

    The leaders will communicate freely with the young participants in individual sessions for each leader without any specific topics provided. Mayor Park shares his story how he became the mayor of Seoul from a lawyer experiencing the transition of Seoul into a civil society, and introduces innovative policies in Seoul, such as ‘One Less Nuclear Power Plant Policy’ and ‘Owl Bus Policy’ emphasizing the importance of citizen participation.

    In addition, Park is scheduled to attend other two sessions, which are ▴‘Governors Policy Meeting for Infrastructure & Urban Development’ ▴‘The Soul of the City’ to make a special speech and have discussions.

    First of all, at the closed meeting ‘Governors Policy Meeting for Infrastructure & Urban Development’ (in Casana 2 Room at the Center) held at 09:15 AM , he will introduce ‘2030 Seoul Master Plan’ which was designed, participated, and decided by citizens, and ‘Seoul Station 7017 Project’ which is a plan to turn the deteriorated elevated road near Seoul Station into a path for people. He will suggest a new direction for urban development according to the Fourth Industrial Revolution as well.

    At 20:00 , he will speak on three values of ‘History‧Nature‧Human’ in the city of Seoul amid the rapid transition to The Digital Age led by the Fourth Industrial Revolution as a discussion leader at ‘The Soul of City’ (Ameron Swiss Mountain Hotel).

    In the meantime, Mayor Park and Communist Party Secretary of Guangzhou Ren Xuefeng will discuss how to cooperate to deal with several common issues of two cities, including the improvement of air quality and the support for startups on 21 January at 17:30 , followed by individual meetings with leaders of global organizations, such as OECD and UNESCO, and the CEOs of global companies on 20 January.

    He will also have a discussion on the measures to prevent cultural heritages from being destroyed by wars and terrors at the luncheon with Director General of UNESCO Irina Bokova. After that, he will attend another session ‘From Digital Divides to Dividends’ where President of the World Bank JimYong Kim and Head of World Economic Forum Alex Wong will talk about how to narrow the gap of digital access.

    Mayor Park said, “From Davos Forum, I had the chance to learn about the Fourth Industrial Revolution which is a theme of Davos Forum this year, and an on-going challenge to the entire world. Interacting with global leaders, I could introduce the changes and innovations in Seoul to the world.” He also added, “Seoul has already adopted new technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, such as big data and Internet of Things, to the administration, so we will find more ways to apply the issues discussed at Davos Forum to policy making.”