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  • Mayor Park Pays Lays Flowers in Tribute at Korean War Memorial Tower in Colombia

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    Mayor Park Won-soon, while on a tour of Central and South America, laid flowers and paid tribute in front of the Korean War Memorial Tower, which is located at the Bogota National Defense University in Colombia.

    Mayor Park Won-soon, who was touring Central and South America, commemorated the supreme sacrifice and commitment of the Colombian forces who were sent to fight in the Korean War by laying flowers and offering a silent tribute in front of the Korean War Memorial Tower located at the Bogota National Defense University in 9 a.m. on the 15th. Among the 21 countries in Central and South America, Colombia is the only country that sent forces during the Korean War under the flag of the United Nations.

    The Korean War Memorial Tower was designed by Ahn Byeong-ik, a professor at the Seoul National University, and was established in the shape of the 12-meter tall Seokgatap Pagoda in 1973. The phrase, “From the people of the Republic of Korea to the Columbian military forces,” is written on the front of the tower.

    At 3 p.m. (local time), Mayor Park Won-soon of Seoul had a meeting with Mayor Enrique Penalosa of Bogota to introduce the excellent policies being conducted by Seoul based on its “people-centered” philosophy, including the car free road and Ttareungyi, the public bicycle system. Seoul and Bogota set up a sisterhood relationship in 1982.

    On 15, Mayor Park Won-soon had a meeting with Mayor Enrique Penalosa of Bogota to exchange information on the innovative policies of the two cities based on the “people-centered” administrative philosophy.

    With a pledge for a “happy city movement,” Mayor Enrique Penalosa of Bogota is turning the city that once had the worst residential environment into a positive city of happiness. He is concentrating investments to creating more bicycle lanes, parks, plazas for pedestrians, libraries, schools, and daycare centers. Particularly, the city of Bogota is operating Ciclovia, the world’s largest car free day event. The event first took place in 1982 and is being held every Sunday for seven hours.

    Mayor Park Won-soon said, “I would like to express the deepest gratitude and respect to the Colombian soldiers who dedicated their youths for the freedom and peace in the Republic of Korea and those who died in the Korea War…As Bogota and Seoul have a lot in common when it comes to the people-centered policies, including the policies for pedestrians and bicycles, I will make efforts to vitalize the interaction between the two cities in the years to come.”