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  • Mayor Park “Leads Minority Shareholders’ Movement” – Forbes

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    Forbes, one of the three most famous American business magazines, introduced Seoul Mayor Park Won-Soon in its article, titled “Korean Mayor Crusades Against Samsung, Hyundai In Bid To Boost Country’s SME”, on Sep. 26th, 2016. It also introduced Park as the Mayor of “economic democratization city” leading the movement against domination of the South Korean economy by enormous conglomerates known as the ‘chaebol’.

    Forbes mentioned Park’s days as a founder of the “People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy.” It also said Park is working to deal with difficulties of the Korean economy, such as an unemployment rate of nearly 10% among young people between 15 and 29 years old. Park declared Seoul an “economic democratization city” to revitalize Korea’s stagnating economy.

    In addition, the magazine introduced Park’s campaign to promote Seoul at a “demo day” featuring Korean start-ups ripe for investment in order to support small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and start-ups. It also introduced Park’s plan to make full use of Seoul’s characteristics with large numbers of universities concentrated in the city and the identity of Seoul with a dynamic economy.

    Park was quoted as saying “eliminating the gaps in our society is essential in providing hope to those who are hard-working.” He also said “he would support SMEs to enhance their actual competitive edge in the market and design Seoul’s policies for economic democratization that will help reduce the gap in our society.”

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