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  • Mayor Park Lays Flowers at Korean War Memorial in London

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  • On April 2 (Sunday), Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon, who is touring the three European countries of Paris, Vienna, and London, arrived at his last destination, London. Upon arrival, he first visited the Korean War Memorial in Victoria Embankment Gardens, between the River Thames and the Ministry of Defense headquarters, to lay flowers and pay his respects to the British soldiers who served in the Korean War.

    The memorial was unveiled in December 2014. It is a symbol of friendship between Korea and the U.K. and a reminder of the self-sacrifice and commitment demonstrated by the 56,000 British soldiers who served in the Korean War.

    Mayor Park Lays Flowers at the Korean War Memorial in London

    The memorial consists of a 3.1-meter-high bronze statue of a British solder against the backdrop of a 5.8-meter-high stone obelisk. The east face of the obelisk contains the geography of Korea and its west face includes an image of the Korean Peninsula, surmounted by the flag of the Republic of Korea. On the north face, an inscription is surmounted by the flag of the United Nations.

    During the Korean War, the U.K. provided a total of 56,700 solders including marines, naval, army, and air forces, the second largest contributor after the United States among the 16 coalition partners. As members of the UN forces, the British soldiers supported the Korean soldiers in the Battles of Nakdonggang River, Jeongju/Bakcheon, Sindun-ri, Imjingang River, Gapyeong, and the Hook.

    Les programmes du concours d’inactivité de Hangang seront effectués dans l’ordre de △ Ouverture de la cérémonie, △ Exercice d’inactivité, △ Cardiographie (tous les participants), △ Vote des citoyens, et △ Cérémonie des prix.

    After laying flowers at the memorial, Mayor Park said, “I deeply appreciate the sacrifice made by the British soldiers in the Korean War. All of us should make efforts to create a peaceful and harmonious society, with no more tragedy of war.”

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